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Set Up Cloudflare for AWS Route 53 Domains
·793 words·4 mins
This article shows how to configure Cloudflare for an existing website using AWS Route 53.
Set Up an AWS EC2 with Ubuntu GUI, RDP and more
·1348 words·7 mins
A guide to set up a AWS EC2 with GUI and more.
Use Gravatar Everywhere
·153 words·1 min
Gravatar. Gravatar everywhere.
Displaying the Full Content in Hugo's RSS feed
·481 words·3 mins
The default RSS feed in Hugo site shows article abstract only. But what should I do if I want to display full content of the articles in the feed?
Documentation Makes Easy With MkDocs and GitLab Pages
·1045 words·5 mins
A guide to build a static website using MkDocs and deploy it to GitLab Pages.
A Tale of Two Caches: Redis and the cache helper
·884 words·5 mins
A note on how to add Redis and the cache helper to a .NET core Mvc app.
How to add a new Hugo blog post
·43 words·1 min
Go to blog folder