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🐞 Fixing AjaxControlTookit Unexpected Page Reload in ASP.NET Web Form Application
·906 words·5 mins
ASP.NET Web Form Archaeology: What’s wrong with my __doPostBack() on Firefox? Why my AjaxControlToolkit is out of Control?
Improving My Blogging Workflow
·667 words·4 mins
It’s time to do some refactoring and improvements for the blog!


☕️ Notes on City & Guilds International Barista Exam
·63 words·1 min
A notebook for C&G barista exam.
Set Up Cloudflare for AWS Route 53 Domains
·793 words·4 mins
This article shows how to configure Cloudflare for an existing website using AWS Route 53.
Set Up an AWS EC2 with Ubuntu GUI, RDP and more
·1348 words·7 mins
A guide to set up a AWS EC2 with GUI and more.
Atlassian Bamboo: an Opinionated Approach
·1237 words·6 mins
Thoughs about using Atlassian Bamboo: the introduction.
Ruby Cheatsheet
·393 words·2 mins
I don’t need ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA but I need this when writing Ruby scripts.
Use Gravatar Everywhere
·153 words·1 min
Gravatar. Gravatar everywhere.
Displaying the Full Content in Hugo's RSS feed
·481 words·3 mins
The default RSS feed in Hugo site shows article abstract only. But what should I do if I want to display full content of the articles in the feed?
The Perks of Being a Mac (or FreeBSD) user
·809 words·4 mins
Your computer may know something you don’t expected.