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☕️ Fantastic Beans and Where to Find Them

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Hong Konger.

Background #

In short: I found some local shops which selling pretty good beans. In Hong Kong.

During the 2020 pandamic, it’s not easy to buy beans overseas. However, it gave me a great opportunity to search for some good beans in Hong Kong. Plus, I have more time to stay at home and brew coffee as the company started the WFH policy from Feb.

Update history #

🏷 2020-09-12:

  • Added new beans I tried.
  • Added new equipments.

I will keep searching for new beans and new local shops in the coming days.

1. My Little Coffee #

📍: Shop 102, Ho King Shopping Centre, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (map)

🕑: 14:00 - 21:00

🔗: IG | FB

The shop sells whole beans, drip bags and a lot of coffee equipment. You can also request the shopkeeper to gring the beans too.

I bought their beans twice a week. Here are some beans that I’ve tried and the labels of each kind of bean.

Beans #

🌞 El Salvador, Finca La Primera

  • Nutty, brown sugar, citrus, sweet aftertaste.
  • Variety: Bourbon, 1200m ~ 1600m

🌊 Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Abiyot Boru Galle Dagaa Grade 1

  • Great acidity & full mouth feel with notes like raisin, blackberry, dark choco., plum & honey-like sweetness.

🌊 Colombia Hulla Mariano Leal Bourbon

  • Strong & vibrant aroma, good structure with tasting notes like green apple, vanilla, dark choco. & apricot.

🌊 Kenya Nyala AB Top Microlot

  • Pleasant & complex acidity, brown sugar in aroma, pomegranate, apple citrus & black currant finish.

🌊 Yirgacheffe Dumerso G1

  • Tangerine, grape, Earl Grey, smooth, long-lasting

(?) Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Nutty, winy, berries, cranberry, balance, sweet, rich & mellow. Smooth

🍷 Yunnan (Brandy Fermentation) : This one is super interesting and addictive. Strong brandy / rum taste.

  • Foral, brandy winey, black berry

Drip bags #

  • The shop also grinds their beans and sell it as drop bags (~$75/10 bags). Suitable for people who want to drink their own choice in the office.

Equipments #

Coffee filter #


While V60 is dominating the market (I also using plastic V60. Cheap, robust, simple), this shop don’t sell V60. Instead, KONO filter is all over the shop.

a typical KONO filter

Clever Cup

They sold clever cup recently. In my opinion, it is a french press but looks like a drip coffee filter. You can also use it as a typical coffee filter if you want.

a typical clever cup

The Vietnamese

Once apon a time I drank the vietnamese coffee from a local restaurant and it used this coffee filter to brew a dark and strong coffee and mixed with condensed milk. (So strong that I got a headache afterwards X.X)

a typical vietnamese coffee filter

Grinders #


2. Brew Note Coffee Roaster #

📍: G/F, 19 Fort Street, North Point, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong (map)

🕑: 08:30 - 19:00

🔗: Website | IG | FB

This is also a restaurant so you can taste their coffee with delicious food. Ocassionally the shop will held cultural talks.

The shop is selling one of the lightest roasted whole beans in the city. I bought the Ethiopia Guji beans a long time ago and tasted the Americano in the shop. Both stunning.

Beans #

🌞 Ethiopia Guji Oxygen Free

  • Floral, berries, tropical, citrus, sweet

Subscription plans #

It also provides different coffee subscription plans. The website shows the details of the beans and the plans.


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