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Learning Angular: Note on Angular ESLint
·90 words·1 min
A quick note on Angular ESLint
Avoid Multiple Lifecycle Hooks in Azure Devops Deployment Job
·541 words·3 mins
Optimizing Azure DevOps pipelines by minimizing lifecycle hooks improves variable consistency across deployment stages.


Adding Audio to Your Web App: The Complete Guide
·1389 words·7 mins
Sound, rhythm, and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.
⚙️ Setting Up Nginx for Local Development
·749 words·4 mins
Let’s have HTTPS all the way, locally.
Learning React: Updating Component State in componentDidMount()
·395 words·2 mins
Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here’s my data so have a callback, maybe.


VSCode tasks for Hugo
·285 words·2 mins
This post shows some useful VSCode tasks I set up to run and build Hugo.


🐞 Missing Cookie in iframe
·653 words·4 mins
Adding an config in IIS to fix my iframe content.
🐞 Fixing AjaxControlTookit Unexpected Page Reload in ASP.NET Web Form Application
·906 words·5 mins
ASP.NET Web Form Archaeology: What’s wrong with my __doPostBack() on Firefox? Why my AjaxControlToolkit is out of Control?


Set Up Cloudflare for AWS Route 53 Domains
·793 words·4 mins
This article shows how to configure Cloudflare for an existing website using AWS Route 53.
Set Up an AWS EC2 with Ubuntu GUI, RDP and more
·1348 words·7 mins
A guide to set up a AWS EC2 with GUI and more.